Harpers Ferry NHP, pt 1

Where to even begin?  I am going to talk about the park first and then in the next post specifically talk about the Junior Ranger badge, because I wasn't entirely sure what to expect and was met with a vast historical crossroad.  I knew about the John Brown revolt, but was entirely fuzzy on the … Continue reading Harpers Ferry NHP, pt 1

Great Smoky Mountains NP Pt. 2

Great Smoky is a stand out park for a few different reasons, one of which is that the money was raised by LOCAL PEOPLE.  When the federal government approved the creation of the park they refused to fund it.  It was funded with local citizen donations, school children, from all walks of life, collecting nickels … Continue reading Great Smoky Mountains NP Pt. 2

Great Smoky Mountains NP pt 1

When planning our eclipse viewing I tried to keep a couple things front and center in my mind.  1) It could be cloudy and 2) The kids may find this monumentally unimpressive.  To mitigate both of these concerns it was really important that the focal point of the trip have something great to visit in … Continue reading Great Smoky Mountains NP pt 1

Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS

Allegheny Portage Railroad is a result of Pennsylvania's desire to stay relevant in trade and an ingenious way to cross the Allegheny mountains before steam engines were powerful enough to make it through.  With the rise of Canal trade after the completion of the Erie Canal, Pennsylvania scrambled to compete and shorten the 23 day … Continue reading Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS