El Morro NM

As retail establishments climb their way into the black I am also rejuvenating my time budget and getting back on track with blogging!  There is not a better way to do it than with El Morro National Monument. As we wrapped up our visit to Albuquerque, Lemon moaned forlornly that "I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO … Continue reading El Morro NM

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

I was really excited about the Tallgrasses.   Spoiler.....there weren't actually any Tallgrasses, because well, seasons matter.  And sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees, and in all my planning I failed to really consider that the grass wouldn't be tall.  BUT THAT IS OKAY.  Because there were still Buffalo.  And the ranch house … Continue reading Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Gateway Arch NP -National Expansion Memorial Badge

After the Old Courthouse we could barely hold the children back from the arch, they definitely tried to run into traffic and were seriously excited as they approached it.  I think the magnitude, and shininess, just overwhelmed their little raven brains.  The park service is rebuilding the arch exhibits right now so there wasn't a … Continue reading Gateway Arch NP -National Expansion Memorial Badge