Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS

Allegheny Portage Railroad is a result of Pennsylvania's desire to stay relevant in trade and an ingenious way to cross the Allegheny mountains before steam engines were powerful enough to make it through.  With the rise of Canal trade after the completion of the Erie Canal, Pennsylvania scrambled to compete and shorten the 23 day … Continue reading Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS

James Garfield NHS

Do you like integrity in politics, intense levels of record keeping, the pursuit of all knowledge or civil service?  Then James Garfield is your man.  I pretty much knew nothing about him other than he was President and shot, but you know, when you are in Northern Ohio you should get the park stamp.  Following … Continue reading James Garfield NHS

Inauguration & Centennial Badges

While we were in Washington D.C we were offered the Inauguration Booklet and the National Park Centennial Booklet which seemed a wee bit overwhelming.  After our thrilling adventure on the National Mall and fleeing through the downpour to the safety of a cab my  daughter (Lemon) was pretty much done.  Wild Thing being his 18 … Continue reading Inauguration & Centennial Badges